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Income Assets

This asset class avails investors the opportunity to effortlessly plan and grow their wealth while generating supplemental income either through capital growth or income growth

Yield Assets

Yield assets provide investors with returns from value appreciation on the portfolio or asset invested in. These returns accumulate over a period and are paid out after the period is reached.

Learn how our investment products can bring you financial freedom

Learn how our investment products can bring you financial freedom

Retirement Funds

With Retirement Fund, investors looking to retire can build a wealth portfolio that returns recurring passive income for as long as they hold the portfolio, in either long-term or short-term periods

Index Funds

Index Fund is a portfolio of the five top performing cryptocurrencies, and is designed to represent the overall cryptocurrencies market providing pure beta exposure and is weighted by market capitalization.

our process

01Seek out investment assets with great potential

We explore markets in search of true assets that can bring great ROI

02Create opportunities around these assets

We create and validate opportunities from these assets and offer them as investment opportunities

03Offer these opportunities on our platform

These products are offered to our esteemed investors with all risks mitigated

Stocks and ETFs

Our Stock and Funds offering give investors the exposure of a variety of top stocks of companies in thriving and emerging economies, especially in the technology and financial industries, without actually owning the assets

Managed Portfolio

Start with a portfolio curated for interests and that is customized for you. We offer 100s of funds in categories like clean energy, tech, and crypto. We make it easy — and safe — to build wealth with a portfolio that is automatically balanced

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